Take Off Your Hijab

Genre: General Fiction, Humour, Romance, Short Stories, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Summary

Almost everyone wants her to take of her hijab because according to them she looked like a member of world known terrorist organization and maybe she just might take it off but then he doesn't want her too he is not from the same faith as her neither was he prince charming he just didn't want her to never lose her real identity in the name of fitting in....

About the Author

Just a girl with wild imagination's who is willing to use it to save the world instead of allowing it to sink...no I'm not a superhero ;)

Writing is one of things that makes me feel free because I get to imagine yet relate it to something happening right now yet somewhere around the world.

Reading well this one got me through life and well it is still my safe place.

Poetry is like my way to be able to relate to others who have been through things it's like

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