Tapper: A Novel

Genre: Action Adventure, Mystery, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

TAPPER—a projecting empath—is the product of a corrupted government. Nurtured from birth and ruthlessly trained, Tapper learns the art of manipulation and persuasion—becoming an elite operative with a gift of immense power. He’s the government’s prized spy until he does the unthinkable. Horrified by his actions, branded as a monster, he goes into self exile on Mitta-4—a colony planet on the fringe of the known universe—to settle down and lose himself in a new life. There, he finds danger comes in many guises.

A dark and deeply moving psychological thriller filled with amoral behavior and one man’s quest to atone for his darkest impulses.


"Tapper was a real page turner for me. I had a hard time putting it down, even to sleep. S.A. Combs created a set of characters that I really identified with. I would highly recommend this for anyone that likes some fast paced adventure."

"Wow! What a trip! This book is about an empath in a future in which empaths have evolved to posess great powers. An excellent speculative science fiction read. There were aspects of one of Anne McCaffery's series but with the polar opposite direction as far as the main characters development. This book is also eerily creepy to the extent that it gave me nightmares the likes of which I haven't had since reading 'It' by Stephen King 30 years ago. To be fair I was really sick and dehydrated so maybe it doesn't count but all things considered this book took me on a ride I won't soon forget. If you like dark science fiction and/or horror then this book will surly please you. A big change from the author's previous books but when S.A. Combs decides to stretch his wings look out for some killer stuff."

"First let me begin with saying that I didn't have high hopes for this novel, but I am dang glad that I read it. It is somewhat unusual in that the author chose to tell the story from two time periods. There is the main character's origins, told as all the book is, from first person, past tense, and the other from a later time. The story alternates between these timelines, one chapter telling things 'from the beginning', and next being set quite a bit later. At first I wasn't happy with this, but it worked well, and I adjusted quickly due to how well it was written. The author truly makes one care for the characters in the story, and I feel that many may end up wanting to read this book all in 'one sitting'. I strongly recommend it. Well written, Mr Combs. Well written."

About the Author

Scott A. Combs, born in Ohio in the late 50s, is an artist, graphic designer, software engineer, and writer. He resides in Chandler, Arizona, with his family, one fat cat and his best little buddy, Maxine, an Amazon parrot.

Scott has been a fan of science fiction since a young child. Struggling with dyslexia at a young age, his desire to read motivated him to overcome this problem by finding his own method of speed-reading. In his early youth he could be found running wild with the other children on adventures throughout the rural landscape of Lexington, Ohio, generally causing mischief. However, not long after he was begging his parents to take him to the library to check out books like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Conan, Tarzan, and The Princess of Mars.

Today Scott's love for reading continues and he is the author of five published science fiction novels in three subgenres: comedy, adventure, and psychological thriller. Nowadays he is usually found in his den clicking away at his keyboard, confining most of his mischief to the characters in his novels. He is often accompanied by Maxine, who scrutinizes his latest work from her perch on his shoulder and often causes her own mischief.

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