Target, Chain of Deceit, Book 8

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, General Fiction, Mystery, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Target, Book 8, picks up where 'The Island' left off. America has been the target of many countries, some large and others small that only thought they were large. Target brings to the forefront a former scientist, Rocky Soto, who had been fired as director of the Research and Development Department of the CIA. He feels he was fired for the wrong reasons and wants revenge. He teams up with North Korea and the remains of ISIS in an attempt to carry out his goal of destruction of the people that fired him. Davin Pierce and Josh Randal with the help of their wives, Pierce’s children and the CIA, FBI and DHS are on the scene to stop the destruction of America. But can they stop a man that knows the inner workings of the CIA, is a genius in his own right and is borderline insane? Target takes us to new heights in what an insane genius will do to accomplish his goal.

About the Author

Hello and thanks for visiting my site. A bit about me, well I joined the Army right out of high school, spent 25 plus years serving our country and now am semi-retired. I say semi because I never will fully retire, as I write books and do a lot of photography. Before I go on, my photo website is and you can see and purchase my photos there. As for me while in the Army I was able to accomplish a lot, I became a pilot, parachutist, scuba instructor, father, grandfather and great grandfather. I have also written 9 books, eight of these are a series and one is a children's book. The series is part mystery, political, military and drama with a little bit of sex and love mixed in. I hope you enjoy reading, they come in paperback, some are on audio and of course all are on Kindle.
Take a little time and check them out, you may just enjoy a good mystery.

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