Teapot Lane Book 7

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers

Book Summary

Claire Lane’s students are always close to her heart. When one disappears into fells and becks of the Lake District in Northwest England, she is not convinced the woman has gone to meditate on Scafell Pike.
A talented and gifted writer, Bo Huan, a Chinese National follows her dream.
Claire in desperation seeks help from her fiancé Lord Ralph McGinnis, known for his uncomplicated investigations as a Senior Detective at Scotland Yard.
The Lake District is meant for walking and enjoying nature, not murder and international spying.
Ralph and Claire join forces to solve a delicate situation between two countries. Japan and China.
With the forces of nature working against them, can Ralph and Claire succeed in breaking into the world of espionage and restoring order to the world of Henry Wordsworth’s peaceful enclave.

About the Author

M. K. Jacobs grew up in South Australia. Considered an accomplished classical pianist, genealogist, explorer and fanatic cat lover, M K currently lives in country Victoria, sharing the property with two alpacas, and a family of cats including two Bengals.
In the last ten years with a background in Federal Law enforcement, MK's first series of novels are centred on historical military fiction with a French twist. Her writing has expanded to include MK’s Historical Romance Trilogy focusing on her mother’s World War II experiences and The Claire Lane Mystery Series.

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