The Adventures of Flossy and Pebbles the Dane: The Treasure Hunt

Genre: Children

Book Summary

The Treasure Hunt follows best friends Flossy the cat and Pebbles the Great Dane through their day as they climb a tree, jump on a trampoline, and, of course, hunt for buried treasure. Flossy and Pebbles are kind, courageous, and always look for common ground despite their differences. They use their imaginations not only to have fun, but to solve problems when they arise. The Treasure Hunt is the first release in the Adventures of Flossy and Pebbles the Dane series. Four more books are planned (so far), with the next being released in the first half of 2021.


On the surface, this is a delightful story about best friends having fun together. More subtly, the book shows kids how to work together to solve problems and find common ground. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the book is that it portrays a dog and a cat---typically thought of as enemies---as best friends. It's so important for children to learn that they can get along with one another despite their differences.

This is a whimsical story of two best friends that shows how friendship, teamwork, and imagination can lead to exciting adventures. We love reading this to our two year old, who loves the illustrations-especially when Flossy uses a crane to help her pal, Pebbles out. This book was a gift that we loved!

I received this book as a gift and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my 4 year old enjoy a book more. I highly recommend!

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About the Author

Hi, I'm Kimm Irwin. I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 4, fur mom to many, and children's book author.

I've always loved to write. I've written many short stories over the years, and got about half-way through a murder mystery novel before setting it aside.

When the idea to write a children's book came along, I immediately felt inspired, and I knew this was something that I could pour my heart into. Soon after, The Adventures of Flossy and Pebbles the Dane was born!

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