The Baby on the Back Porch - Dunnhill Series Book 1

Genre: General Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal

Book Summary

An old cabin, hidden in the forests of the Northern Cascades, has been a silent witness to mysterious events long forgotten. But sometimes the past has a way of resurfacing…

Looking for solace after a personal tragedy, Sara Eriksson exchanges vibrant San Francisco for a small mountain village. Initially, everything at the cabin is just as she imagined: Her new surroundings are breathtaking, and her landlord, David, is kind and helpful. But when left alone, Sara finds her new home is not quite as peaceful as she’d thought. First she has an unwanted visitor. Then, an unsettling dream…

Sara follows the leads presented to her, but she can’t solve the mystery on her own. It takes both Sara and David to uncover the truth about the past—and discover a connection they never expected.

About the Author

Lucia N. Davis lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. She loves traveling and exploring the world, as well as hiking and doing yoga. "The Baby on the Back Porch" was her first published story. The sequel, "The Charm of Lost Chances" was recently published.

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