The #BBC Pic (Some Kind of Superstar Series Book One)

Genre: General Fiction, Humour, Romance

Book Summary

When Joel agrees to play a new erotic game with his successful, corporate wife, he knows it will be just what their sex life needed. But when he accidentally posts a compromising picture to his parenting blog D-D-Dad? he is shocked by just how far he and his social media enemies are prepared to go.

Joel's offline and online worlds collide shaking the foundation of his personal boundaries, his beliefs about love, sex and sexuality.

In Book One we meet several members of a cast of colourful characters in a modern day outer city suburb. Joel and Sylvia stumble upon the panacea to their mostly sexless marriage but the promise of high-risk intimacy comes with the risk of public exposure that a guy like Joel just might not be prepared for.

* Some scenes contain explicit adult material. For mature readers only.


Joel is obsessed with the next social media click on his budding social media platform, a very relatable trait. He is also keen to rekindle the dying flames of his once hot romance with his wife. This wacky and humour-filled account of life in the burbs boasts a great cast of characters. Joel’s behaviourally-challenged genius son brings chaos to the household each day. while Joel’s wife, a workaholic who misses sex, is full of surprises. The parents who wander in and out of the story provided some hilarious, cringeworthy moments. The sexy bits are extremely raunchy (R rated) and the ending is very left field - a shocking and funny moment tips you right into the next instalment. Clint Greagen’s easy and affable writing style suits the confessional tone of the tale. ~ Linda (Amazon Review)

About the Author

C.A. Greagen is an award-winning author of the popular blog Reservoir Dad, which won the personal category at the 2013 Australian Writers’ Centre blog competition. His funny and moving memoir, also titled Reservoir Dad, was published in 2014 by Random House. In 2015 Truce Films optioned the Reservoir Dad book and is in the process of adapting it to a feature length film.

He continues to write for his popular blog, as well as other online and print publications, while writing and publishing his works of fiction.

For updates on his ‘Some Kind of Superstar’ series (Hot, funny and tragic, all at the same time ~ Dr Chris Gibbons), sign up to his email list or visit his website.

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