The Black Rose Blossoms

Genre: Poetry

Book Summary

Metaphysical poetry book - The Black Rose Blossoms is a carefully crafted collection of poems arranged in different sections. Each section depicts the spiritual journey of a black rose alluding to the phases in its enlightenment. The soul of the flower transforms from a dark Gothic bloom hidden in wilderness to a faith floret, then to a love blossom and finally attains enlightenment as a spiritual blossom.

About the Author

Yashi Singh is an author and a poet. Her first book was a romantic shortstory titled Sandhya and Arambh. Her poetry collection, The Black Rose Blossoms is a carefully crafted work arranged in various sections which allude to the phase in the life of a Gothic, dark black rose in wilderness. The anthology depicts the journey of the young bud from being a fragile floret to a spiritual blossom. The treatment is both spiritual and metaphysical. Her self-improvement book Thinking the Right Way is about how to find a balance in life and juggle different goal. Not only that but also strategically planning your goals and how to achieve them in a time-bound manner. Her spiritual fiction The Hermit is for those seeking answers. It is a quest of three lost souls who desperately want some divine Presence to unlock the puzzles in their head.

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