The Brain Loses The Game

Genre: Mystery

Book Summary

A witness is missing. Was he killed? Kidnapped? Did he run? Charlie Handler, reluctant sleuth, is hired to find out. She’s used to run-of-the mill PI work, but she soon gets clued in that there's something seriously weird about this case. The witness’s yipping socialite wife follows in disappearing without a trace, corporate flunkies act stranger than usual, thugs start following her, and her client has to be locked up in the loonie bin for his own safety. Chessmaster logic always helped her think through every step she took, but now it leaves her stranded at every turn by curious human behavior. How far down the rabbit hole will Charlie go?

About the Author

Tommy Marchante lives in the imagination of the author with a wife and several children. He is thought to live in Brooklyn, but may reside at the intersection of surf and serf. He writes to honor Sara Paretsky, Robert Parker, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. He does not have any cats. Shame on him.

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