The Confessional

Genre: Mystery

For Fans Of

Robert B. Parker, Sue Grafton, Lawrence Block, Janet Evanovich, Walter Mosley, Toby Neal

Book Summary

Near a Baltimore church, a man is found murdered, stabbed a dozen times in the chest. A curious blogger, eager for publicity, injects himself into the case. When the blogger gets arrested, he asks unconventional private investigator C.T. Ferguson to get him off the hook. C.T. uncovers the victim's history of abuse by priests—including the one stationed at the church where his body was discovered. He also learns of plans to build a new church . . . plans that could be undone by the murder. Why is the priest so reticent to talk about his past? Why does C.T. get a visit from two enforcers after leaving the church? Can C.T. sort through the priest's and the victim's histories and figure out what happened? Download The Confessional for free to find out!

About the Author

On a dark and stormy morning (actually true), I was born in Baltimore. I started writing stories around age six. When I was seven, I attempted my first "murder" mystery. The scare quotes are there because no one actually died. I was far too polite a child to kill anyone or to refer to adults without an honorific like Mr. or Miss before their names. (You'll be pleased to know that Mr. Patrick, for instance, recovered quite nicely in the hospital.) Over the intervening years, I've lost that politeness toward characters. I've also moved out of Baltimore, but I remain in Maryland and it remains my city.

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