The Conspiracy Between John Wilkes Booth and the Union Army to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

The only book ever published that records the effort of the African American community of 1865 to bring the conspirators to justice. Their affection for Abraham Lincoln was so great that they ignored the retribution that was certain for defying the government conspirators and seven African Americans were arrested and put in prison.

The actual trial and pretrial testimony that was kept from the public for 100 years. This book also tells of the effort by the African-American community to apprehend Booth and his fellow conspirators which has never been published before. All of the pertinent testimony has been photocopied and published in the book, which describes the efforts by Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt and Edwin Stanton to cover up for the conspirators.

This book relies entirely on primary sources, United States Archives and Official Records and shows that there was a conspiracy with the Union Army and various others to aid Booth in assassinating Lincoln. This book traces the assassination from Ford’s Theater, the escape and killing of the man purportedly Booth, trial, execution and aftermath.

About the Author

Captain Robert E. Arnold, M.D. is a retired Naval Surgeon who spent 20 years collecting the evidence. Capt. Arnold was an instructor in Advanced Trauma Life Support for the Department of Defense.

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