The Cull Chronicles Book 1: The Next Best Thing to Heroes By Daniel Devine

Book Summary

When Earth is conquered by a technologically superior race called the Grath, humanity is forced to work--and fight--for them. But not all humans are content to submit to their masters...

While the rest of humanity is forced to toil away their lives in dank factories building equipment for the alien war machine of the Grath, Jason Cull and a select few are being trained to help fight battles in place of their masters. According to the Academy's brochures, Jason should be one of the best and the brightest the human race has to offer. So why does he feel decidedly average?
As graduation and the impending trials of war close in, Jason and his closest friends find themselves kidnapped by forces with radically different plans. Thrown into the midst of a resistance movement that demands him to fight against the Grath instead of alongside them, Jason begins the process of proving himself all over again.

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