The Cull Chronicles Book 3: The True Threat by Daniel Devine

Book Summary

When Earth is conquered by a technologically superior race called the Grath, humanity is forced to work--and fight--for them. But not all humans are content to submit to their masters...

Captain Jason Cull aboard the resistance movement's ship Freedom has made his deal with the devil: If Jason can discover a way to defeat their most feared foe, the Bettarian emperor will free the Earth from their mutual enemy, the Grath's, alien occupation. But this new adversary, the Vex, has proven far stronger than anything they've faced before. Jason would be remiss in forgetting that the ship's first spy mission ended in disaster and tragedy. He wonders if, Freedom--the Earth's last hope--has simply traded one impossible task for another with their new alliance.
Jason and his crew have lost friends and been driven out of the last place they considered safe. Pitting a ship that's too battered to go into battle and a team too small to take a difference against a superior enemy would be foolish at best, suicide at worst.
Even if they could start from scratch, the odds aren't in their favor. But Jason refuses to give up easily. Humanity hasn't come this far, endured so much, for nothing. One way or another, the mighty Vex fleet can be stopped. All Jason has to do is find one weakness...

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