The Eagle and the Dragon, a Novel of Rome and China

Genre: Historical Fiction

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My editor compared my style to that of Ken Follett; other readers have compared it James Michener, minus his detailed narration. All of that is very flattering to a first time author. I just hope you will enjoy it and form your own opinions.

Book Summary

When Senator Aulus Aemilius Galba is tapped to lead the first Roman mission to China, he anticipates an easy path to fame and fortune. But Fate has other plans for him and his unlikely companions, to send them together on a journey that will take them thousands of miles by sea and land across the mysterious worlds of the first century. From the storm-tossed Indian Ocean to the opulent Hanaean court, from the wild grassy steppes north of China to the forbidding peaks of the Pamir Mountains of Bactria, they fight for their lives, hoping to find the road that will lead them back to Rome.


Does the name of the Chinese village of Liqian derive from the Latin word "legion"? Are its inhabitants descended from Roman legionaries captured by the Parthians at the battle of Carrhae in 53 BCE? As a scholar, I have to say that this intriguing notion is probably legend rather than history, but no matter: Lewis McIntyre shows that it's a great starting-point for an epic adventure. From Roman Spain to the Han empire of China, the story ranges over the whole known world of 2000 years ago (and even a bit beyond!), with authentic historical background and best of all plenty of imagination. It's a real page-turner, packed with exciting action, ingenious twists and turns, and varied and interesting characters whose fate you will really care about--a perfect book for the twenty-hour flight from London to Sydney, as I can personally attest.
- Dr Nicholas Sims-Williams, PhD, Professor Emeritus, School of Oriental And Asiatic Studies, University of London

About the Author

Lewis McIntyre is the author of two books, The Eagle and the Dragon, a Novel of Rome and China, and Come, Follow Me, a Story of Pilate and Jesus. Lewis is one of Southern Maryland’s newest authors, specializing for now in historical fiction. He lives in La Plata with his wife Karen, who doubles as his editor, literary critic and inspiration. Besides writing and working at Patuxent River, Lewis enjoys biking, running, hunting and amateur radio.

He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and spent his Navy career in aviation and strategic communications, with a non-fiction, "True Believers, the Founding Fathers of TACAMO", about the rise of his aviation community from obscurity. He is a member of the Historical Writers of America (HWA), The Maryland Writer's Association, and is VP of the Charles County chapter of MWA.

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