The End of the World... Again or Hitbodedut

Genre: Action Adventure, General Fiction, Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Apocalyptic epic action adventure, paleolithic spiritually uplifting love story.

Book Summary

The first book in the series provides a glimpse into the lives of a primitive people as they endure a geomagnetic pole reversal event that strains their reliance on spiritual dogma and communal responsibilities. The tenuous existence of a band of Neolithic hunter-gatherers forms the backdrop for an epic action-adventure of love and obligation. A young warrior is thrust into the role of tribal leader when his adoptive father dies. The situation turns dire when severe weather forces him to take desperate actions that divide the tribe and cause him to move his followers to a mysterious, abandoned, temple. The daughter of the fallen leader matures into a formidable spiritual influence that tests the emotional commitment of the young chief and leads him to understand the faith he is destined to bring to his people.

About the Author

J M Dark is a systems engineer by trade (techno stuff), that by night is an inventor, writer, and "tinkerer" who enjoys sharing new and unique concepts. “The End of the World...Again” is his first novel and weaves many thoughts and principles of a techno-guy into a gritty vision of what could easily be our future.

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