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Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense Thrillers

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My books are great for fans of Ransom Riggs' Miss Peregrine series and Stephanie Perkins as well as the magic realism of the Night Circus variety. Read a free sample chapter of a soon to release historic fiction manuscript, Sacra Furta, at my blog:

Book Summary

Something creeps under the floorboards of the Rutherford Estate, the fortress where Eileen Morgan spends her sixteenth summer in Fife, Scotland -- a usually quiet community but where locals have been experiencing freak accidents -- stampeding by bull and falling to their deaths in the North Sea. The inheritance of the estate is now in question. Will it disappear into a tax shelter, will it go to the fawning butler, or to shy Ewan Stalker, the estranged farmer grandson? Eileen must choose who to help in this controversy, and she must choose right lest she, herself, be gored by the bull or chased down a mine shaft by the resident ghost.


I enjoyed Eileen's encounters with the colorful characters and the unexpected plot turns. The author's careful research of history, culture, architecture, and Scottish lore is evident in her vivid and in depth descriptions. I found myself hurtling through the pages alongside the protagonist. I look forward to future publications from Bendoly.

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I am an Ohio writer of young adult and adult fiction in the urban fantasy, ghost story, thriller, Gothic, supernatural and historical fiction genres. I use mythology and folklore as the background to most of my stories and I often set them in locations of historic interest -- castles, lonely mountains, maritime communities, feudal landscapes, fringe communities.

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