The Fable of Eve

Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

The Fable of Eve is about Eve who has a life she decides to get away from to start a new life far away. She leaves to a new town that her first impression is that everything is beyond wonderful. But for Eve it's more than hard for her to believe she could have a wonderful life after everything she has been through. She starts her new job and her boss Tim is not shy about letting her know he's convinced she is his one great love. Eve wants to believe him but she is afraid of being wrong again.

This is no normal town and Eve has been brought there intentionally because they believe she is the key to their turn to save all magic.

About the Author

Science fiction, fantasy, romance and fairy tale author who embarked on the self publishing track after spending some time in the literary submission track. Having a great experience now with over 1000 people having read my stories and not one negative review.

I write only original stories no re-telling stories. I also write short fiction and flash fiction in other genres including thriller, paranormal and horror.

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