The Fanged Reaper

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Summary

Breaking up with an abusive boyfriend turns out to be the least of Anna’s concerns…

Anna Harper grew up with a mother who accepted her father’s abusive ways, so she knows the signs and when to get out. She quickly learns the hard way, however, that leaving is not as easy as she thought. Because as it turns out, Dorian is not only a vampire, but also a serial killer with an appetite for brunettes.

Faced with her worst nightmares literally come to life, Anna soon finds herself on the run from her ex…and tumbling straight into Noah Fiari’s arms. And while Noah is secretly also a vampire, as the leader of a supernatural tactical team, he’s been tasked with protecting Anna from Dorian at all costs.

As time ticks by mercilessly, and the killings ramp-up, Anna comes full circle to where it all began. A past ingrained in her mind demands a face-to-face resolution, and Noah attempts to save his beloved, but can he do it with her soul intact?

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About the Author

Melissa A. Murphy was born in Maryland, and is currently residing in New Mexico where she currently works full-time for the United States Air Force. She first discovered her passion for writing when she was just eight years old, when her teacher assigned the class a project to write a Halloween-themed story. While all the other kids moaned and groaned at the assignment, Melissa was fascinated, and her passion for writing was born. Fast-forward eighteen years and she has self-published her first novel, "Like Mother, NOT Like Daughter."

When she isn't delving into the world of fantasy and creating worlds of her own, Melissa loves to read, travel and try too much wine. She is also the proud owner of three cats: Sorella, Stella and Onyx, and two Australian Shepherds, Guinness and Mina.

If you are like Melissa and love escaping the world of reality and into a world of fantasy where Werewolves come to your rescue, and Vampire's seduce you...then join her!

Currently, Melissa is in the midst of adding to her paranormal, suspense series: Serial Vampires. She strives to not only captivate her audience, but to provide unique twists around every corner in her stories.

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