The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Save the World!

Genre: Children, Humour

For Fans Of

Captain Underpants, Dog Man, The Bad Guys, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and Stink

Book Summary

Two gassy brothers.
One mad clown with Weapons of Mass Flatulation.
Can kid fart power save the world's bum?

Willy and Peter just want to sit around gaming and farting. So it's rather annoying when they're out shopping for their sister’s birthday, and end up captured by crazed clowns who want to take over the planet.

From a remote bouncy castle dungeon to the White House itself, can Willy and Peter outsmart—and out-fart—the evil clowns? Can they save the human race from ex-stink-tion? And still get home in time for their sister’s birthday?

"Two thumbs up and a belch!"
-Amazon reviewer's 8-year-old grandson

They’re the smelliest new heroes on the block, in their own bum-blasting adventure series for kids ages 8 to 12. Even the most reluctant readers will laugh their underpants off!


Genuine Amazon reviews:

"Any male will love this book. It would be a fine addition to the 'boy bathroom' in your house. It would be an even better addition to the ‘boy bathroom’ of your adult son’s house."

"I cannot recommend this story enough for having kids laugh and smile (and become "musical" if you know what I mean. ha ha ha) The story is well written and the author understands what the world should be through the eyes of young children."

"My grandson read the whole book in three days and was laughing through the whole book."

About the Author

MD Whalen was always the kid who sat in the back of the class scribbling stories and cartoons. Later he sat in front of the class scribbling stories, when he should have been teaching! Now he writes full time in the back of his house, where he can work in his underwear. He also enjoys cycling, world travel, and making rude noises in different languages.

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