The Forbidden City

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy

For Fans Of

D. Gemmell, R.E. Feist

Book Summary

They sent his own legions to hunt him down. Assassins lurk behind every corner. The woman he loves is in danger. As if that is not enough, they want to unleash a terrible ancient evil to plunge the world into warfare and bloodshed.

But he is not an everyday man. He is a legend. General Leandros, the undefeated King's Lion.
Now he is coming back armed with steel and magic. In a world full of intrigue, magic and enchantment, where Gods and humans play dangerous power games, the King's Lion fights one breathtaking battle after another across an entire continent. The future of the Empire and of the woman he loves depends on him. Will his strategic genius manage to save an entire Empire?

Explore the magical world of the Eagle Empire through the first book of the King's Lion Tales. Spectacular battles, high level strategy, romance, Gods, shamans, magicians and miraculous spices are making a truly entertaining read


'If you like something really original, don't miss this book'
'An excellent first novel by this new author
'The character of Leandros is really fascinating. A master strategist, a brave duelist and a timid lover'
'A book that could become a film'
'I never expected to encounters shamans in such a book!'
'Forbidden City is an exciting, fast-paced book'
'Finished it in just two days and two nights!'

Alexander Grant's Books

About the Author

Alexander Grant grew up by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. He studied geology and dreamed of discovering a rare dinosaur fossil. However, the call of his seafaring ancestors proved overwhelming and this, coupled with a growing interest in international politics, led him to travel to four continents while pursuing a career in media and, ultimately, working in an International Organisation.
He now lives in Flanders, Belgium tending a big garden, playing basketball and devising epic fantasy tales. He combines two of his great passions, writing and strategy, to produce the King's Lion series. The books, in order of publication, are:

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