The Funny Honey

Genre: Children

Book Summary

Bailey bear was an ordinary bear.


He liked playing with his friends, eating honey and generally spending his days exploring the forest where he lives in his comfy den.


One of Bailey’s favourite past times was to search for yummy honey.  He loves eating berries, nuts and plants, but his favourite is honey.


One day Bailey was deep in the forest sniffing around, nibbling on some munchy morsels that he found, when he picked up a curious scent…


This scent led Bailey to a mysterious tree, a tree he had never seen before in his life!


Near the top of this mysterious tree glimmered some honey, the most delicious looking honey Bailey had ever seen.


Find out what happens when Bailey eats some of the funny honey he finds in the mysterious tree…

About the Author

Philip Harrison was born in Hammersmith, London in 1977. He grew up as one of a family of seven living in London, Carshalton, Bournemouth, Wellingborough and Weston-Super-Mare. Family holidays included all of the Butlins holiday sites in Britain and abroad to Spain and Italy.

Philip Harrison has a long history of working with children and young people which commenced in studying a BTEC National Diploma in Early Childhood Studies in 1996. He followed this award up by working with children in America and Israel. Whilst abroad Philip travelled across America, taking in the sights of New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, San Diego and travelling over the border to Tijuana, Mexico.

On the way back to New York he visited Toronto, Canada seeing the Niagara Falls en route. After working in Debboriyah and Netivot in Israel, Philip visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and worked again in Eilat. A visit to the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt was also in the itinerary. A European trip shortly followed in the summer of 2001 where he visited Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey.

Philip Harrison also holds 5 GCSE's, a BTEC First Diploma in Business and Finance, NVQ Level Three in Youth Work and a BA (Hons)in Education Studies. He has had many jobs working with children and young people including in nurseries, primary and secondary schools, children's clubs, youth clubs, crèche and a Sunday School teacher.

Philip Harrison currently lives in Bristol, England with his wife and three children.

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Philip R Harrison

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