The Great Journey: A Story of Lorolaen, An Allegory

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy

For Fans Of

C.S. Lewis

Book Summary

The kings of men found friendship in King Rapha and Prince Rohan, although they did not know from where the king and the prince came. The kingdom of Hevania was their ever-present help and friend for many long years. Yet within Hevania and the palace of King Rapha himself, a dark shadow began to grow, a shadow banished to the Dark Forest beyond the Mountains of Wise. The dark shadow waited in silence. At the right time, this shadow would come to the kingdom of Lorolaen, for the king and the people of Lorolaen had forsaken the council of King Rapha and Prince Rohan. This is the story of that tragic time. This is a story of lost things found again. This is a story about a King, a Beast, and the power of redemptive faith and love.

About the Author

Hello. My name is Elizabeth Billingsley. I am an RN by day and a writer by night. I enjoy a good book, a good movie, travel, time with friends and family and I adore cats.

I wrote the book The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain Hope and Everything In Between to give hope and help to people who are loving someone with a mental illness. My late husband was very mentally ill and committed suicide in 2014. Since the, I have learned much about myself, God and his illness. I have also learned what it is to come out of an abusive relationship.

I hope my story will bring encouragment and a way out to anyone who needs to read my God-given words. There is hope after abuse.There is hope for a loved who is mentally ill. Love has already won!

I also ventured into fiction with my 2nd novel, The Great Journey: A Story of Lorolaen, an Allegor.
I wanted to tell a fantasy story with the timeless theme of redemptive love.

I plan to write a poetry book and a follow up to my first book as well as continue to blog on my website.



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