The Gunman from Goronezh

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

Firebrand speaker Maria Tereshkova is an enemy of the Russian state. An ardent reformer with an anti-corruption message, she has millions of loyal followers, and the Kremlin will stop at nothing until she is dead. Maria arrives in Chicago and into the crosshairs of a gunman sent by Moscow to kill her. The assassin is former elite soldier, mentally crippled and cruelly scarred. Yet despite his mental and physical wounds, he is immensely strong, and skilled with a wide range of weapons. A man without a soul, lacking the remotest compassion for men, women or children. An expert marksman hunter, and he never fails. If his memory were to return, he would know he came from Goronezh, in Russia.

By chance, a burnt out former DEA agent, Cris Rhodes, finds her first on the streets of Chicago. He drags her to safety, but the gunman is right behind them. The killer leaves behind a trail of bodies and will stop at nothing to make the kill. Cris Rhodes is equally determined to protect her. The story is a breathless, rollercoaster ride. One man battling an awesome Russian killing machine. At stake is the life of a woman who is the sole hope for a suffering nation.

The author, Eric Meyer, has written many other thrillers, including the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, the Raider series, as well as Echo Six and the Devil's Guard series.

About the Author

I write war thrillers, and have been publishing on various platforms including Kindle for more than 7 years. So far, I have written and published more than 40 full length novels.
I make a living as s full time writer.
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