The Hardest Goodbye "Coping With A Loss"

Genre: Non Fiction, Poetry

Book Summary

Occasionally, the unexpected happens, and we are left to deal with the loss of a loved one. We never know what tomorrow brings, and with that comes the uncertainty of what's to come.
When the passing of a loved one occurs, it can be devastating and leave you feeling lost, alone, and afraid.
So, let me offer this book to those experiencing this type of circumstance in their life. “The Hardest Goodbye” (Coping With A Loss) is about dealing with losing someone we care for and finding a way to cope.

About the Author

Carlethia Williams

A native from Florida who is a dedicated mother, author, and lover of poetry. She began writing poetry and short stories at the age of nine. After years of being told that she should compile her talents, she finally agreed and so was born her first book, "Everyone Has A Story To Tell..." which is about different takes on individuals' life affairs. A collection of rhythmic tales of situations and circumstances that will entertain, amuse, inspire, and touch its readers.

In her most recent publication, "The Hardest Goodbye" (Coping With A Loss), Carlethia brings to you a side that we all have to endure some time in our life. Which, unfortunately, is the topic of loss. Losing a loved one can be a difficult and painful thing to go through. She decided to write this particular book because she too has had to deal with a loss that hit really close to home for her. Her companion was killed in a head-on collision. Though devastating, she had to pick up the pieces and continue on. This book was designed to help those who also may be experiencing a loss. We all have feelings, whether we care to show them or not. And when we lose someone or something loved that hurt can weigh one heart down with sorrow. "The Hardest Goodbye" was created to inspire and give hope to those who may be in need of strength. Never one to bite her tongue she keeps it raw and authentic. A genuine comfort read that some may view as a self-help read.

The Hardest Goodbye" (Coping With A Loss), a book of love, enlightenment, and encouragement.

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