The Hermit: some quests of a spiritual kind

Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

Three lost souls try to fight their woes all their life and die in pain. Will God answer their call? Does He have an explanation for all the mess?
We all pray. We all cry our heart out at times and ask why me. Pick this one up for those times and discover the true pearls of happiness.
This one does not talk of God or religion. It is a journey into the mind to discover the real happiness inside and much more. It is about how to pick yourself up as what you think becomes your truth and it's not about finding truths that matters. It's about knowing yourself and realizing that happiness is a choice we make and it is not something that any outside influence can shake without your consent.

About the Author

Yashi Singh is an author and a poet. Her first book was a romantic shortstory titled Sandhya and Arambh. Her poetry collection, The Black Rose Blossoms is a carefully crafted work arranged in various sections which allude to the phase in the life of a Gothic, dark black rose in wilderness. The anthology depicts the journey of the young bud from being a fragile floret to a spiritual blossom. The treatment is both spiritual and metaphysical. Her self-improvement book Thinking the Right Way is about how to find a balance in life and juggle different goal. Not only that but also strategically planning your goals and how to achieve them in a time-bound manner. Her spiritual fiction The Hermit is for those seeking answers. It is a quest of three lost souls who desperately want some divine Presence to unlock the puzzles in their head.

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