The Hidden Secret of Success

Genre: Humour

Book Summary

Success, although a seven-letter word, has a strong standing in our lives. With different meanings and definitions, success has a unique way of surprising you when you least expect it, of course, the hard work and efforts are mandatory. This book combines the teachings of Scripture, along with methods of making your dreams come true. In God’s word, we find the true meaning of success and the strength to get past failures as stepping stones. He, in His most Divine ways, guides his people in the right direction. He fulfills His promises and expects you to commit to yours too. In God, you find real success. In God, you get through all hurdles and setbacks. And in God, you make your dreams come true. This book is a reminder for you to reflect back on your struggles, the risks you take, and the decisions you make. Through God in your life, you will conquer it all and stand out among the rest.

About the Author

Mrs. Vanessa Winbush Gatlin is an innovative and energetic leader and builder of people from the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. Since her youth, it is irrefutable that God’s hand and favor have guided her every move. Supervisor Gatlin has contributed to the Church of God in Christ, Inc. on every level. She is the First Lady of the Gethsemane Church of God in Christ in Lafayette, Louisiana, and First Church of God in Christ, Crowley, Louisiana. There she serves as Director of the Women’s Ministries.

Her book, “The Hidden Secret of Success,” ASIN: B08RG5V1GM, will make the readers realize what success really means, where to look for it, and who to ask for help. All our answers lead us back to the Divinity of God.

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