The Hope of Eternal Springs

Genre: Christian, Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

John Flanagan, CS Lewis, Blaine M. Yorgason

Book Summary

Prepare yourself to be sucked even more deeply into the story as you are whisked back to the old king's fireside story in the "The Hope of Eternal Springs" and the action picks up right where "The Legend of the Slave King" left off! In fact, it goes far beyond what you might have already expected! Joan and Alban must continue to face the scorching sands of the desert known as theVerdis Gran Secas and the flowers that grow there. Easy task? Not even close! In the process of trying to get free of the desert, Alban has uncovered a plot by Decebal to use his slaver caravan as a front to smuggle odd weaponry to theDarvanian Empire. Now, withDarvanian soldiers surely closing in on them and only a dwindling supply of water, Alban and Joan need help from above more than ever as they search their hearts for answers to the trials that they face. Beyond all of that, who is Alban, really, and what will happen between Joan and Alban, now that their pasts are each known?

About the Author

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