The Hybrid Theory - Subject 306

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Horror, Sci-fi, Short Stories

For Fans Of

I am Legend

Book Summary

Safety is an illusion...
When Christine sets Subject 306 free from captivity, she unleashes far more than she bargained for. Possessed of uncanny abilities, Subject 306, formerly known as Adam, spreads death and destruction throughout the city of his birth. In a world crippled by poverty and war, nobody is prepared for what follows: The end of civilization.

Sam and Katy, two people caught up in the maelstrom of violence, form a reluctant alliance and flee the city. They travel the country looking for a place to hide from the horror that follows, but safety is an illusion and death a constant companion. Can they survive? More importantly, can humanity?

For fans of apocalyptic fiction and horror, Hybrid Theory offers a chilling glance into a world far different from our own. Hold on to your seat and be prepared for a nightmarish journey into the unknown!


5* by Papa Place
Messing with Science Should we or shouldn't we?????
February 3, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
This another great short story by Grimes. It's a story about messing with things we shouldn't and the consequences of doing that. This story just reeks of hopelessness and despair it just oozes out of the pages. It's a comentary about how corperations have no moral compass and what can happen when they have no checks and balances and do just what they want. Just because we can do something does this mean we should, is the question at the heart of this story. The chapters are told from the pount of view of various characters which I really liked this is a great story. If you like apocalyptic stories you'll like this. I truly hopes she turns this into a series. More Please.

About the Author

South African writer and coffee addict, Baileigh Higgins, lives in the Free State with hubby and best friend Brendan and loves nothing more than lazing on the couch with pizza and a bad horror movie. Her unhealthy obsession with the end of the world has led to numerous books on the subject and a secret bunker only she knows the location of.

Visit her website at for more information on upcoming books, new releases, and giveaways. Sign up for her newsletter and receive a FREE starter library!

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