The Little Red House on the Moon

Genre: Children

Book Summary

This is an inspiring, heartwarming tale of a boy who proved to everyone that any dream can come true. We all have dreams we want to achieve.
Michael is a creative boy who loves to draw pictures. He always shares his pictures with everyone around him. One day he wants to escape the ordinary and do something more adventurous. And this is where the trouble started. Poor Michael has to overcome various obstacles along the journey to reach his dream. With the help of a qualified team, he pushes through and builds his dream. His courage and endurance helps him reach his goals to show everyone that he is able to make his dreams come true!
Let this little boy inspire you and keep your dreams alive!

About the Author

Anita Hager (1980-) is a mother of two who lives in a small cozy
town in Norway. She and her husband also share their
home with four cats. Her imaginative and meaningful children’s stories follow in the
tradition of her Grandmother who read to her when she was a little girl. Now Anita reads her own stories to her two little boys at night and has decided to share them with others.
You will see her love of animals reflected on each page as well as her dream to help children grow up knowing how special they are.
She has created The Be the Magic you Are series of books for children. Books with stories that inspire children to be the magic they are by being themselves and reaching for their dreams. Most of the stories are based on animal characters that combine great stories with great illustrations.

Her first children’s storybook, entitled Luke – the Horse who Wanted to be a Unicorn, is about a spotted horse, Luke, who is ashamed of his spots and dreams of becoming a unicorn – only to discover that it is best to be himself. The book is about self-acceptance, which is important for children to learn at an early age. In fact, it’s important for everyone to learn!

Her saying is “Be yourself and you are always a unicorn! Be the magic you are!”

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