The Long Lost War

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Joe Haldeman "The Forever War" Dennis E. Taylor "The Singularity Trap", "Bobiverse Series 1-3" Richard K. Morgan "Altered Carbon" Aldous Huxley "Brave New World"

Book Summary

Far from Earth, in a distant solar system, clone soldiers are stuck in an on-going battle against colonial separatists. John 999801 must battle against an enemy that refuses to give up, and dreams of a woman he feels he's seen before. The life of this low ranking clone soldier is about to take a turn for the worst. Or is it going to open his eyes to the truth? Can one clone soldier make a difference? And who is the woman in his dream? Answers and horrors await him as he joins his fellow replicas to the surface of a planet called... Hell.

About the Author

Jeff Walker is the author and self-publisher of such titles as: The Long Lost War, Outer Red, and The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow. He has written seven titles, short stories and novellas, most of which are now available as audiobooks.
His contribution to many fan fiction titles have spawned his writing career into the direction of creating original characters and shaping new worlds of his own imagination. Living with him is his wife and two children in a small town of the province of Ontario, Canada.
His first short story book Distant Saga Trilogy: A Short Story Collection, was published on August 2, 2015 (Kindle/Kobo), the Revised Edition was published March 17, 2018 (eBook/POD), Audible on September 7, 2018.
For more information/contact - visit his official website:

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