The LOOK of Amie Martine

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Heartbreaking losses and mystic interventions : L.A. actors, Sufi poets, deadly Dutch lovers : A sexy new take on Orpheus and Eurydice served with chasers of very cold Icelandic vodka. . . Set in Phoenix, Hollywood, Iceland, 13th century Persia and beyond the veil, THE LOOK has a vast, global scope with an intimacy you will not want to leave.

"Every few pages, there's a line that cracks me wide open. Or an experience that is exactly as I experience things. Or a way of describing something that fits precisely something I've been trying to understand, or at least hoping I'm not the only one who sees it that way." ~Mark C.

"It's like you are writing me as Amie... The being of the person. It's incredible how you write similar to my experiences... I love it!" ~Trevor W.

"Strangely intimate. Strangely nuclear and cosmic at the same time... Strangely euphoric in the way it hits secret passworded buttons that open niches, cracks and gates to hidden gardens in the mind that unveil insights. Beautiful." ~Praveer S.
IF YOU'VE READ THE LOOK, it's time to experience THE POWER.

The POWER of Amie Martine
Book 2 in The Amie Series
438 pages | ISBN 1986913783 | Amazon

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The Look of Amie Martine is an exhilarating trip of vast knowledge and exquisite imagination. ...Her description of "oneness" explodes in my mind... The LOOK is one of those great books; it needs to be re-read and re-read.
--Marlene Cheng, Goodreads

About the Author

Laurie Perez is the author of the Amie Series: THE LOOK of Amie Martine and its sequel, THE POWER. Her other books include Atomic Truths & Stellar Seeking, Joybroker Math and the novel, Torpor. She lives with her daughter, Sachi and partner, Raul in Arizona and is affectionately known by friends and fans as Joybroker.

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