"The Magus" Book 1 "A Chronicle of Rebirth"

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

For Fans Of

Game of Thrones,Song of Fire and Ice, Fantasy Romance books, Outlander, paranormal romance, Johanna Lindsey

Book Summary

Everyone had heard of the Magus of Danthamore, a powerful, dangerous, and ruthless man. Nelina, who was sold on the slaver's block by her unscrupulous uncle, now finds herself as the newest slave of the Magus. Finding that he is more than what he appears to be, Nelina follows her heart as the irresistible handsome Magus leads her into a world she had never dreamed existed.

Ru'ark who had become known as the Magus used the power he wielded with little regard for the people beyond his homeland of Aghadine and the waste. Finally, after years of diligently searching he has found the perfect vessel he needs -the voluptuous flaxen haired Nelina. He was expected to use her, betray her, and certainly not to love her.

About the Author

Jill Marie Fletcher was born in 1973 in Chicago, IL USA and grew up in Dolton, IL. She has attended the University of Maine Augusta and has taken Justice Studies and numerous upper level English and Literature classes.

At the age of sixteen Jill began reading books in the romance genre. Johanna Lindsey is a favorite author of Jill's and one that she considers an inspiration. Jill also has a deep love for fantasy and is equally inspired by authors such as David Eddings, Glen Cook,George Martin, and others.

In 2006, Jill married her husband James Fletcher who is also the co-author of the series: 'A Chronicle of Rebirth' The Magus, book 1. Together, they live in rural Maine with their two children and three dogs while working on their books.

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