The Mind Reset

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Do you feel like you should live a happy life? Do you consider yourself weighed down, hindered, and riddled by negative thoughts?

“The Mind Reset” will help you rewire your mindset to see more positive results.

Have you ever wondered why some people get to make their dreams come true, and some people never get anything close to that?

This book will help you learn how to practice positive thinking to make your life a success.

Negative emotions are like standing in a darkened room with a hive of bees. Imagine if you could get light into that room, take advantage of the bees, and attain the honey everywhere!

A positive mind sees more potential and works to your advantage.

Happiness is within the scope of you! Wealthy or poor, regardless of age, whatever your beliefs might be, you should be genuinely happy NOW, not later.

The challenge is that we are reluctant to take risks, to recreate our lives, because we do not understand the mechanism.

This book is realistic and inspiring — full of informative examples that help the reader see that we all face familiar challenges in life but meeting them can be both satisfying and exciting if we equip ourselves with the right resources.

In this guide, we direct our readers through the fundamentals of cultivating happiness in all the facets of life and learn how to use their newly found knowledge to improve the way they feel and behave.

In this book, you will learn:

How to break the addiction to negative emotions.
Happiness hacks tailored for each happiness chemical.
The Attitude of Gratitude.
Why there is a need to embrace positive thinking.
The relationship between meditation and spirituality.

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Sarah is a certified beauty therapist and a holistic hatha yoga specialist. She inspires her readers through her books and writings from her wealth of experience in life.

Sarah is committed to service and sharing her wisdom and knowledge for attaining inner peace, the tranquillity of the heart, personal transformation, character development, mindset, holistic wellness, meditation, spirituality, happiness, and living a life of beauty, grace, and purpose.

Sarah is inspired by legendary mentors such as Louise L Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Tony Robbins since her early 20’s.

She is passionate about attaining self-purification to reach spiritual heights and live a God-conscious life.

Sarah performs her daily rituals of prayers and meditation, experiencing a calm and serene lifestyle.

She loves to cook healthy, delicious meals to break her intermittent fasting. For well-being and exercises to stay lean and fit, you will find her practicing Pranayama, Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, and other Holistic rituals.

Sarah likes to maintain an optimistic outlook on life, expanding her mindset and spiritual path, and accomplishing what she encourages in her writings.

About the Author

I am Sarah James author of books The Mind Reset

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