The Moonshadow Effect

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Historical Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Where can you turn when good and evil are working together? And who can you trust? The year is 2022, sea levels are rising and the USA and Russia are locked in a battle for unlimited, restricted power.


The Moonshadow Effect by Robert de Casares is a superb story. While the author contends that it is all fiction, there are so many uncanny similarities to world events, past and present, to keep the reader intrigued. Robert uses the Skripal poisoning in 2018, Brexit, the 2014 Ukraine uprising, Trump’s romance with Twitter, and many more true events to weave his thrilling tale. I was many times awed by his insightful analysis of international politics. I will not be surprised if his book turns out to be prophetic.

The action does not let up. De Casares knows his weapons and spy organizations. The reader who can recognize the acronyms HVA, GRU, and DHS and who can distinguish a nine-millimeter Stechkin from an SVD sniper rifle will have a treat. Those who are not so familiar with those acronyms and weapons will not get lost, either.

De Casares draws parallels between his characters and their counterparts in history. A vivid example would be his depiction of the book’s world leaders “dividing the cake” in the same fashion that Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill did eighty years ago. He also makes use of literary works masterfully. Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle and William Blake’s The Tyger have memorable spots in the story. Fans of these classics will find their inclusion fascinating.

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About the Author

Robert de Casares is the author of two spy novels, The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue and The Moonshadow Effect. He comes from a mixed-cultural background and has BA and MA in International Relations, International Law, Modern Languages, and History. Now retired and living in Spain, Robert began his career at the height of the Cold War, working for the government as a special consultant on security issues and travelling the world. He is currently working on his third book.

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