Genre: Mystery

Book Summary

Four years have passed since the events in MANDARIN YELLOW when Socrates Cheng's Chinese heritage pulled him into the mysteries of his oriental roots.

Since that time, Socrates' Chinese father has died and his Greek mother has returned to her cultural and biological roots by moving into a condominium populated mostly with elderly Greek immigrants, including one woman who is reputed to be the direct descendant of the ancient Oracle at Delphi.

And that is where Socrates' problems begin as Socrates, skeptical at first of the woman's reputed powers, soon learns the hard way that her dire prophesies sometimes have a disquieting and deadly way of coming true.


There are never enough five-star mysteries out there for a dedicated reader like myself. Steven Roth has now written another in his Socrates Cheng private investigator series called, "The Mourning Woman." His first was, "Mandarin Yellow," which I thought outstanding. Both have fascinating, complicated plots involving a mix of Chinese and Greek cultures. Roth's extensive credentials in the study of these groups have provided him with a unique perspective that fits perfectly with the genre of intrigue, historical vendetta, and motives unlikely to be uncovered easily by a typical American detective.

About the Author

Steve has been a student of Chinese and Greek cultures, philosophy and history for more than two decades, and continues to be intrigued by the often contradictory contributions each of these remarkable and disparate civilizations has made to American culture.

Steve writes fiction – mysteries with an historical basis and suspense/thrillers.

Steve holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and history from Pennsylvania State University and a law degree from Duke Law School. He is retired from law practice and lives with his wife in Washington, DC.

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