The Nesting Dolls

Genre: Historical Fiction, Non Fiction

For Fans Of

Paula Wynne, Andrew Barrett, J. Jefferson Farjeon, R. I. Olufsen, Judith Lucci, Laif G. W. Persson

Book Summary

FREE: Part One of full-length novel, The Forbidden Portrait (out November 2017)
Book Two in the series


The severed hand of a young woman is found in an orange grove in Spain. Detective Dambersky, from her home region, happens to be on holiday in Spain and is called in by local police. They soon uncover a web of international crime involving prostitution and art theft. But who are the victims, and who are the perpetrators here? A crime noir mystery introducing detectives Jana Dvorska and Ivan Dambersky.

Also by Clare Blanchard: The Tainted Vintage


The mystery begins when a severed hand still bearing wearing is found. Detectives Jana Dvorska and Ivan Dambersky. are on the case and finding it a twisted suspense that may have connections to bigger things than anyone imagined. This is a short story with good writing and a teaser to readers to look for more from this author.
The Nesting Dolls is part one of The Forbidden Portrait, out November 2017.

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About the Author

I write crime noir and historical mysteries set mainly in Central and Southern Europe - often in the wine-growing region I live in.
Moral ambiguity is said to be the essence of noir. Expect a serious puzzle to unravel, as well as a body count! And the past of the places is just as important as the past of the characters.

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