The Nymph's Curse

Genre: Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Early Anita Blake Series, Kim Harrison (The Hollows), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson)

Book Summary

The wild magic is loose and everyone's showing their true colors.
This book contains violence, sexy time, and strong language

Everyone is affected by the magic Jane freed into the ether- whether it's a juice boost or suddenly shifting for the first time in the middle of the street - Jane's actions have serious consequences and Gunnar is hell bent on bleeding her dry to seal the magic back in place.

Jane wants nothing to do with that, she wants to keep all her blood, thank you very much. Plus, she's pretty sure everything will level out in due time. Even the purple sky.

But what happens when Gunnar pushes Jane too far with a secret and probably illegal injection that dampens both Jane's and the Nymph's magic?

Jane's about to find out who she really is, and who the Nymph isn't.

If you like urban fantasy with flawed characters and a new take on old mythology, you'll love The Nymph's Curse.

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About the Author

You don't really care about what I put in here, do you?

Here's what you want to know. I write adult-themed urban fantasy - that means strong language, violence, and steamy sex scenes. If that's not for you, that's cool, there's plenty of other stuff out there.

My characters aren't perfect. They're flawed, they have issues and hangups, like real people. Sometimes that comes off as likable, sometimes it doesn't. But you can be the judge of that.

In a former life I was a pastry chef, and when I'm not thinking up new, hot ways for my characters to get naked, I might be in the kitchen baking something sinfully delicious.

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