The Other Montecarlo

Genre: Historical Fiction, Humour, Mystery

For Fans Of

Paula Wynne, B.L. Farjeon, Tara Flinn

Book Summary

Who was Tuscany in Italy named after? Who were the initiates, and what was their impact on the beautiful architecture of the most breath-taking cities in Europe? And where was the first Montecarlo? Follow the trail with Cole and Sam, two of the unlikeliest heroes or heroines!

Companion novella to the full-length novel The Bohemian Mystery, also by Clare Blanchard.

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About the Author

I write crime noir and historical mysteries set mainly in Central and Southern Europe - often in the wine-growing region I live in.
Moral ambiguity is said to be the essence of noir. Expect a serious puzzle to unravel, as well as a body count! And the past of the places is just as important as the past of the characters.

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