The Pirates Code

Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, Historical Thrillers

Book Summary

This book tells the story of Bartholomew Roberts, a famous British pirate. During the golden age of piracy, he captured over 400 ships in less than 3 years. In June 1719, the ship on which he works as a sailor is captured by pirate Howell Davis. He is forced to become a pirate, but he will quickly prove himself. Six weeks after his capture, Captain Davis dies during an ambush by the men of the Governor of Príncipe Island. The pirates then elect a new captain and their choice is Roberts because he has strong fighting and navigational skills. His pirate career will then lead him to capture ships in Brazil, in the Caribbean and in Africa. He is recognized as the author of the code of pirates, a code of honor that the pirates had to respect in order to maintain a good cohesion within the crews. He was killed on February 10, 1722 near Cape Lopez, Gabon during a battle with the Swallow, a Royal Navy ship commanded by the Captain Chaloner Ogle. After his death, his men threw his body into the sea so that he would rest there forever, for that was his desire.

About the Author

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