The POWER of Amie Martine

Genre: General Fiction

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The LOOK of Amie Martine

Book Summary

The highly anticipated sequel to The LOOK is here! "When last we met, I was in the knotty center of a dilemma. Assassins converging in my home. My beloved D celebrating a birthday. Fecundity and fragility contending, pushing me to confront a menace hellbent on wrecking my nest. I'm no longer content to be passive. Life and death together burgeon in me, and I am going to figure this out." -Amie in The POWER of Amie Martine

What if we could break the paradigm of war, strife and human suffering within our lifetime? What if love and saner choices really could prevail? What if *you* had the power to set that degree of sweeping change in motion?

The POWER picks up where the first book in The Amie Series left off. Like The LOOK, the sequel embraces life's big questions with expansive scope and focused intimacy. This time the stakes are higher, threats are dire and Amie's power is proving to be both a curse and a gift.

The POWER of Amie Martine

Amie Martine — Deceiver, Anti-healer, Wielder of The LOOK & Powers Emergent
D Dodds Berry — Poet, Lover, Bringer of Gems
Connor Berry — Agent of Numbness and Death, Bringer of Whiskey
Faas Offerman — Killer, Avatar of Danger, sometimes called Attar by mistake
Orpheus — Agent of Chaos and Cacophony
Sunny — Producer, Movie Star, Pilot, Pusher of Limits
Nigel — Bajan Guesthouse Owner, Witness to the Inexplicable
Oriana, Maxine and Riordan — The Unborn
Temujin — Purveyor of Sweeping Change, Fear and Ferocity, aka Genghis Khan
Carter — Neighbor, Reveler, Witness to the Impossible
Kate — Midwife, Kenyan Immigrant, Agent of The Mystery and Birth
The Actor — Shapeshifter, Bringer of Wine, Wielder of Compassion
Eurydice — Timeless Come-hither Liberator, Gatekeeper
Ahm — UN Operative, Underground Networker, Zaatari POC
Sammy — Peacekeeper, Socotran Transplant, Bringer of Coffee
Attar of Nishapur — Great Grandad of Sufi Poets, Purveyor of Awakening & Riddles of Consciousness
The Leader — Keeper of Wounds, Agent of Widespread Malevolence and Brutal Death


St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Washington D.C.

About the Author

Laurie Perez is the author of the Amie Series: The LOOK of Amie Martine and its sequel, The POWER. Her other books include Atomic Truths & Stellar Seeking, Joybroker Math and the novel, Torpor. She lives with her daughter, Sachi and partner, Raul in Arizona and is affectionately known by friends and fans as Joybroker.

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