The POWER of Amie Martine

Genre: General Fiction

For Fans Of

THE LOOK OF AMIE MARTINE, book 1 in The Amie Series Speculative Fiction Literary Fiction

Book Summary

The Amie Series novels push personal and collective boundaries in ways that drive the reader to awaken while paradigms crumble. Birth and death | rescuers and assassins | the potency of 33 seconds in the realm of infinity | desperate love and poetic (in)stability | Set in PHX, the Caribbean, DC and the Levant, THE POWER transcends expectation.

About the Author

Laurie Perez is the author of the Amie Series: THE LOOK of Amie Martine and its sequel, THE POWER. Her other books include Atomic Truths & Stellar Seeking, Joybroker Math and the novel, Torpor. She lives with her daughter, Sachi and partner, Raul in Arizona and is affectionately known by friends and fans as Joybroker.

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