The Proper Folk

Genre: Historical Thrillers

For Fans Of

Dan Brown Conn Iggulden Manda Scott Marion Zimmer Bradley Guy Gavriel Kay Bernard Cornwell

Book Summary

Our history is shaped by conflict. We read of war, of politics, of intrigue. Of the rise and fall of royal houses, of tribes, of nations. But we seldom hear of the ordinary man. And yet, who fights in the armies of the nobility? Who feeds them? Who cares for their houses and their livestock, delivers their children?

The Proper Folk is a celebration of the small man, the tiniest of cogs in the great machine of society, the one without which the whole engine would cease to turn. These tales examine the most basic human feelings – love, desire, revenge – emotions which have no sense of rank or hierarchy, which are felt by all men regardless of stature. And what happens when these emotions are allowed to run their course? The smallest decision of the most insignificant man can topple a city, save a life, or in some cases, wreak havoc.

This is the story of the farmwife whose goodness exists in true deeds, not words; the simple baker who stumbles across the cure to a terrible disease; the grandmother who makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the city she loves. And of course, the most powerful man, with the weakest soul, who turns helplessly, hopelessly towards evil.

These seven tales speak of what can happen when war changes the rules of society, and man’s true nature is allowed to blossom. So much is told about conflict, the great wars fought with great consequence, and yet oftentimes there is more to understand about Man’s true nature in the stories of the Proper Folk.

About the Author

It took Michael Bolan over two decades of running in the corporate ratrace to realise that all he actually did was tell stories.

There was no Damascene revelation for Bolan which caused him to pen his first work of fiction, "The Sons of Brabant". An avid reader, he simply felt that he could do as good a job as many of the authors he read and decided to put his money where his mouth was.

Living and working in many countries left him with smatterings of a dozen languages and their stories, and his love for history focused his ideas on the Thirty Years War, the most destructive conflict that the continent has ever seen.

Now living in Prague (for the second time), Michael brings alive the twisted alleys of the 17th century and recreates the brooding darkness of a fractured Europe, where no-one was entirely sure who was fighting whom.

Michael writes while liberally soused in gin, a testament to Franz de le Boë, who was mixing oil of juniper with neat spirit while the thirty Years War raged around him.

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