The Queen in Exile (The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book II)

Genre: Action Adventure

For Fans Of

Action adventure, intrigue, historical fiction, Russia, travel

Book Summary

Stacey has moved on with her life, and lives in Alaska with her now family of Peter and their son Michael. As Tania comes for a long awaited visit, Yuri Kostov discovers that the ring that she gave him is a fake, and not The Ring of the Queen. He attacks Elizabeth's business and home and Stacey has to fly across Siberia and back to rescue her husband's grandmother and bring her to America. The chase is on, and after a harrowing battle across Siberia, the two supposedly legitimate rulers of Russia clash again. This time, government can't help Stacey, leaving her exiled to Oymyakon, Siberia and Yuri Kostov safely in charge for the time.

About the Author

I am Terri Dixon, Author of several books on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, and Inkitt. The Ring of the Queen, The Queen in Exile, and now Catherine III all in The Lost Tsar Trilogy. Also The Destiny Dream and The Terrorist's Game (Level 1).

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