The Quest for the Golden - Pepe's Great Adventure #1

Genre: Children

For Fans Of

EB White, Bill Wallace, Carole Wallace, John Erickson, Judy Schachner, Skippy Jones, Scott Peters, Maxine Sylvester, Dav Pilkey

Book Summary

His name is Pedro Jose Manuel Herrera Garcia the third, but you can call him Pepe. He is a small Chihuahua who gets caught up in a big adventure. When a beautiful dog asks him to help her unravel the disappearance of the Golden Taco, he ends up on a quest he never could have imagined. You will laugh at every turn as Pepe tries to figure out if he will be a hero, or if he will choke on the Golden Taco.

About the Author

I am the author of 9 books starring Charlie the Cat, and a spin off of his friend Pepe the Chihuahua.

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