The Rain: The Government Rain Mysteries

Genre: Mystery, Sci-fi

Book Summary

New Hampton is bloodthirsty. The streets are a cesspool. Greed and corporate necessity rule the overcrowded city.

A mysterious doctor, his young protégé and a monstrous enforcer are playing gods, their wanton destruction going unchecked. The city’s Mayor seeks vengeance and believes the doctor’s work is the key to achieving redemption. These men will change the city forever, for better or worse remains to be seen.

Crime is rife on the streets and only a few brave, have-a-go heroes, seem willing to plunge themselves into the depths of depravity to intervene and, ultimately, save the city from forces it is seemingly oblivious to.

A handful of extraordinary individuals must decide where they fit in within the changing landscape of the indomitable city of New Hampton. Run? Hide? Fight? The ramifications of their decisions will echo throughout the city.

New Hamptoners look out for number one, slaves to the omnipresent man. Can the city survive this maelstrom or will the meddling powers-that-be doom everyone...

Q - So, what makes the Government Rain Mysteries special?

I've always enjoyed reading dark, mysterious books that leave me desperate for answers, and the Government Rain Mysteries are my interpretation of the macabre, urban, mystery genres.

I've forever been engrossed with science fiction that touches on the unexplainable, that baffles, intrigues and gets you turning to the next page hoping to find the answers. With The Government Rain Mysteries, I hope to leave the reader puzzled, gripped and, potentially, a little uneasy and questioning. How is that possible? Why are they doing that?

The Government Rain Mysteries are a brutal look at an urban setting with gruesome science fiction thrown in to leave the reader confused, gripped and potentially a little scared...

The Rain: A Sci-Fi Urban Mystery- The Government Rain Mysteries Categories:

- Sci-fi Urban Mystery
- Mystery Mutants
- Mystery Action & Adventure
- Dark Mystery
- Dark Sci-fi
- Science Fiction Adventure
- Urban Mystery

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New author, focusing on sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

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Thank you, L.A. Frederick

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