The Rental

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

James Ellroy. Jim Thompson. Exploitation cinema.

Book Summary

Cole Jensen used to make good money writing bad books about women. Then another hack usurped him, and Cole found himself bankrupt and homeless, living in a hotel that would need serious renovation in order to be called a dive. Then he helps a rich, beautiful woman named Constance Morell to change a tyre, and she repays him by having him live in her pool house, earning his keep by waiting on the bizarre and frightening women she invites to her nightly soirees. Cole's disturbing encounters with these women inspire him to write the kind of novel that until now he didn't think he had in him; a social satire about the rich and wicked. But with the party games getting more and more sinister, and the guest list dropping by the day, Cole may soon be forced to ask himself whether his artistic integrity is worth dying for...or killing for.

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About the Author

I'm a horror/thriller writer who has been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a pen, and have published five books since 2013. Those books are: Trails and Anomaly - two short horror story collections; The Rental - a neo noir novella; Little Treasures - a gothic horror novel; and The Deified - a cult horror novel (the first in a planned trilogy, the second book of which I am a third of the way into). My personal reading taste is varied; I enjoy literary fiction, classic fiction, and genre fiction (except romance novels; not too keen on those). I live in Melbourne, Australia with my son and my neurotic Maltese/Shi Tzu cross, Pepe Le Pew.

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