The Road Back to Effulgia Trilogy Box Set

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, General Fiction, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Brandon Mull, John A. Flanagan, CS Lewis, Edgar Rice Burroughs

Book Summary

Presenting The amazing The Road Back to Effulgia Trilogy Box Set!
I wouldn't tell you that you have to effortlessly get yourself into the astonishing fireside story told by the good, old king because that's your decision now! But, by the time you finish reading this description, you may automatically feel totally sure that you are ready for an exciting adventure! Feel all of the characters feelings, live what they lived, become what they have become, as the story comes alive through the flames of the fire! The old king begins his magical tale of The Legend of the Slave King and all are instantly transported back to another time and place far beyond anything imagined before!

A young man wakes up having been sold into bondage and has no memory as to how he got there. It is widely rumored that he fits the description of the ancient legend of one who will wield great power and shape the destiny of the world. Things are only complicated more when the slave whom they name Alban comes across Joan who is the daughter of the slave caravan's owner. Sparks may fly, but there is only an obvious abyss between the two! With no memory, what dangers will they face? Whom can Alban trust as he tries to get free? Is he really the one that was chosen for greatness? Why does he feel such powerful feelings toward God as he receives dreams at night?

Begin your more complete adventure now and get the whole trilogy in one volume!

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