The Rookie Rep


Book Summary

Whether you like skiing holidays, trekking in the Andes, or lying on a beach there’s always a rep to help you get on.  Spare a thought for them though.  They may be staying in the same hotel and eating in the same restaurant but they are most definitely not on holiday themselves.


The Rookie Rep takes you behind the scenes as our eager new starter quickly has to contend with everything from broken ankles to broken suitcases, and from drunken guests to irate bar owners.  Holidays may vary wildly, but the same can’t be said for holidaymakers.  Over a year in her life she travels the world and has to deal with the same issues in Peru that she does in Devon.  There’s only one person who can solve the problems of these hapless travelers and she’s a short, bubbly, blonde Englishwoman who’s determined to do the best for her charges whether they like her or not.


Hilarious account of the first year “on the job” of an academic who makes a dramatic career change from University life to Tour Rep. Travelling all over the world at a moment’s notice, she arrives at far away destinations to face groups of total strangers, all keenly expecting the holiday of their dreams. Forced to “learn on the job”, she has to protect her clients from dangers ranging from psychotic ponies to rapacious local reps and, when she is not refereeing feuding factions within her groups, has to be nurse to the accident prone and counsellor for the heartbroken. Whether in Peru, Thailand, Florida, Spain, Greece or Bournemouth, organising skiing, tennis, golf, camping, line dancing (and even a Valentine’s event for singletons in an English hotel reminiscent of Faulty Towers), our valiant Rookie Rep goes well beyond the call of duty to ensure that her charges’ dreams are fulfilled. Terrific read.

Mary L

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About the Author

Destined for a career in a legal profession I decided to take a year out and spent the time travelling as a tour leader. This gap year has now extended to eighteen years during which I have visited more than seventy different countries and met hundreds of people. A few years ago I decided to write about my experiences - the places I visited and the people I met. I have had three books published in my own name and I am responsible for a fourth - The Rookie Rep by Alessia George. All of these books were published my Pegasus Eliott MacKenzie and they are all available on Amazon.

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