The Secret of Drulea Cottage

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction

For Fans Of

Diana Gabaldon Helene Wecker

Book Summary

Briony Fairborn, a midwife in eighteenth-century Scotland, comes from a family shrouded in scandal. Left with only one friend after her mother’s death, she has little hope of gaining any others, let alone finding a husband. Instead, Briony tries to live a quiet life and avoid her neighbors’ ridicule as much as possible.

But things in Everton take a drastic turn when a storm brings foreigners to the village docks.

On the night Santiago Mendes arrives, he comes with a broken ship, a broken leg, and a broken spirit that Briony finds herself profoundly drawn to. Her scarred heart slowly starts to open, and although Briony suspects he may be hiding something, she cannot help but dream of the possibility of love.

That is, until another stranger appears in town, intent on repaying a childhood debt. A dangerously handsome stranger who shows Briony that she's even more different than she could have imagined. And that her past is far darker than she realized.

Magic, romance, and political intrigue collide as the secrets surrounding one Scottish woman begin to unravel. Secrets that she may not be ready to face.


"This book is SO GOOD! It has romance, mystery, and magic all wrapped into one incredible story. There is truly never a dull moment - so many plot twists that get better and better with every chapter. Ahhhhh!! I’m honestly sad I finished the book; I looked forward to reading it every day. Can’t wait for Book 2!!" - Amazon review

"I was hooked almost instantly. It had a good mixed of drama, romance and magic. At first I wasn’t quite sure what the secret(s) were. The writing and little bits of info made the reveals all that more fun and intriguing.

I must say that was a delight, I as normally I have such things figured out pretty fast. Being an avid reader will do that to you. But this book had me feeling that reading magic of a novice and I can’t wait for more. There are twists, turns, intertwined pasts, antagonists, and of course a love story that will have you 100% invested. The added magic and other worldly additions is the icing on the cake for this truly amazing book.

Overall this book is probably one of the best historical light fantasies I’ve read in a good while. I couldn’t stop reading even if I tried. This book had my full attention, but the characters had my heart, as they leapt off the pages.

Needless to say, but this book gets my super high recommend and my stamp of approval." - Goodreads review

"I love a good historical fiction fantasy, and this book wonderfully encompasses those elements as well as mystery, intrigue, romance and scandal to weave an intricate story that you dont want to end. It is hard to put down, the main character is easy to fall in love with and be captivated by." - Amazon review

About the Author

Claire Kohler grew up in the United States as the eldest of four daughters. Her love of stories began at an early age, and as a child, she could often be found borrowing way too many books from the library and scribbling away in a journal.

In 2016, Claire became a full-time middle school English teacher in a public school. In her second year of teaching, she also taught social studies. After becoming pregnant in 2018, Claire decided to shift careers and become an online ESL teacher so that she could also take care of her newborn at home.

She now lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children, and three cats. She is also an active member of her church, where she often serves as a Bible study and small group leader.

Claire is currently working on The Heart of Everton Inn, the second book in the Betwixt the Sea and Shore series, which is expected to be out next year.

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