The Spoilt Brat's Guide - Volume 2


Book Summary

In Volume 2, the Spoilt Brat jets off to St Tropez for some high jinx with her girlfriends, then on to Laos to canoe down rapids and ride elephants with The Italian. Finally, she takes her entire family to Mongolia on a horse-riding adventure that almost takes her way beyond her comfort zone.

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About the Author

Born in Hong Kong to intrepid parents, Christy had an unconventional upbringing in Hong Kong, the UK, Mexico, Spain and the US. Christy spent her early years living on the small island of Lamma in the South China Sea, the only non-Chinese family on the island.

Life changed dramatically when, at the age of eight, Christy was sent to boarding school in England; she started to write a diary.

Her first book, News from the Nail Bar, was published in November 2011. In July 2013, Christy launched her Just a bit Confucius chronicles providing a weekly insight into the intricacies of life in Hong Kong, aiming to capture those ‘lost in translation’ moments. It was these chronicles, in addition to her amusing travel blogs, that led to her collaborating with the award-winning Beneath the Ink, on a series of iBooks - The Spoilt Brat’s Guide.

Married with three children, Christy now divides her time between Hong Kong and London.

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