The Stonegate Sword [Stonegate #1]

Genre: Christian, Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy

Book Summary

The Old Empire is Gone

A wonderfully told story of character, faith, and military action set in the future…which seems like the past!
Harry James Fox scores with a unique story that blends the past with an apocalyptic future to produce an adventure of character, faith, and military action.
The beginning of the story details how the lives of two dissimilar characters (Donald and Phillip) are damaged irreversibly by the Prophet. As the book follows these two lives, they eventually come together when both are fighting on the outnumbered side of good. Only solid military prowess and planning, coupled with technologies from the old way which are not fully understood, can hope to defeat the Prophet’s armies. Donald finds his love, Rachel, but she is captured by the Prophet's minions due to his bad judgment. His heart forces him to set off alone to rescue her in the mountains of winter, in the face of an invading army.

Book is well written, and the author shows his command of the English language well. It also has an obvious Christian influence, in a way that is refreshing but not heavy-handed. It is obvious the author researched heavily into cavalry warfare from Medieval times, and the book “feels” very real. It is not a short read, but is worth the effort and sets up well for a sequel. Review by Rob Ballister Military Writer's Society of America


--Bronze Medal in the "Fiction: Fantasy/Alternate History" category of the 2016 Global Ebook Awards
-- Award-Winning Finalist in the "Fiction: Religious" category of the 2015 International Book Awards
-- Red City Review "The Stonegate Sword by Harry James Fox blends together everything a fantasy reader enjoys. The story takes place in the future but harkens back to the Middle Ages with warriors racing on horses and fighting in armor. ...There's romance, action, humor, and even some religion. Fox displaysadept writing skills, creating a novel that does not disappoint."
--Reader's Favorite 5 Star "I loved The Stonegate Sword! This is all you really need to know. ...I am often disappointed by fantasy books and their writers. I am especially drawn to books with the right combination of medieval daily life and military life. In The Stonegate Sword, Harry James Fox gives us a detailed look at both. I was completely immersed in the tale of Donald of Fisher, a Lore-man or scribe, who becomes a fierce warrior due to fate and prophecy more than any desire in his own heart. He fights for all the right reasons, and Harry James Fox describes the process of Donald going from boy to man AND from scribe to soldier with just the right touch. When I joined the army, an old sergeant told me that the secret to success in the army is attention to detail. He was right. It's actually the secret to success in life. In The Stonegate Sword, Harry James Fox gets all the details right."
--Featured On: Books of the Month Club
--Recommended by: Kboards, largest independent Kindle user site on the web.
--Reality Calling: "This book is a very fun ride... The action is compelling."
--Baptist New Mexican: "The Stonegate Sword is a gripping tale of medieval chivalry, war, and change. ...On a five-tier rating scale I give the book the best rating."

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About the Author

Harry James Fox was born in the mountains of western Colorado, an area featured in his novels. He has worked as a cowboy, an intelligence officer with the US Army, and had a career in natural resource management with the Bureau of Land Management, US Department of the Interior. He served a wartime tour of duty in Vietnam, working closely with Australian forces there. His training in the biology of natural wild-lands is reflected in the imagery of his writings. In fact, the landscape of his books have been likened to a major character in its own right.
He makes his home in the deserts of southern New Mexico, but usually spends part of the year in North Carolina to be close to his grandchildren.
He enjoys horses, the outdoors, elk hunting, long walks in the desert, and story-telling. He loves the local cuisine, particularly green chiles. He likes a cup of hot tea with friends. patriotic parades and bluegrass music. He dislikes chocolate, long speeches, and the need to wear reading glasses.

BRONZE MEDAL winner in the 2016 Global Ebook Awards in the Fiction - Fantasy/Alternate History category.
Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Summer, 2016 "Best Book in the Category of CHRISTIAN FANTASY."
Award-Winning Finalist in the "Fiction: Religious" category of the 2015 International Book Awards

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